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Aerial Filming Operations

The operational flight of every aircraft including our camera drones begins with a flight plan.

Before agreeing to undertake any body of aerial filming work, a mission plan or flight plan must be considered and risk assessed. Flights are prepared for in a consistent manner using resources from within the IAA (Irish Aviation Authority) Website, Aeronautical Charts, Google Earth/Maps and Ordnance Survey Maps.

Relevant information will be compiled into a document which can be referenced at any stage prior to and during the mission and can be used in applying for special permissions, from the IAA or an ATC.

Consideration should be given to:

  • The type of airspace – is it controlled airspace?
  • Other aircraft operations – local aerodromes or operating sites
  • Hazards associated with industrial sites.
  • Obstructions – power lines, masts, buildings
  • Segregated airspace around prisons or military installations
  • Areas with for recreational activities and public access
  • Weather conditions for the mission
  • Permission from the landowner of operating area.
  • Risk management: Identification of the hazards, risk assessed.
  • Communications: Contact numbers for other local aircraft operations.
  • Pre-notification: If the flight is to be performed within an aerodrome traffic zone, or near to any airfield, or aircraft operating site, then contact details should be obtained and notification of the intended operation should be provided prior to take-off.
  • It may be necessary to inform local police of the intended operation to avoid interruption or concerns from the public.

Regulations to observe and SOPs

A UAV must NOT be operated

  • Above 400ft (120m) above ground level
  • More than 500m from control point
  • Over or within the confines of a congested area without permission of the relevant Authority
  • Within controlled airspace, without the permission of the relevant Authority
  • Within an airport traffic zone or closer than 8km (5nm) from an aerodrome boundary, whichever is the greatest distance
  • Over an assembled crowd within 150m laterally
  • Within 150m of any person, vessel, vehicle, or structure not under the control of the aircraft operator, and during take-off or landing, not within 50m of any person unless under the control of the aircraft operator
  • Closer than 2km from an aircraft in flight
  • In high moisture weather conditions, such as rain, clouds or fog, or in windy conditions
  • Out of line of sight of the operator

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